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Chickadees & Berries Square Wall Art

Chickadees & Berries Square Wall Art

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A unique design that features hand-painted details, accentuating the white bellies of the chickadee bird, as well as vibrant red berries that they love to enjoy as a snack. It is completed by a crafted rusty frame that features an interwoven design at the corners. Made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create a rusted texture and natural look.

It would be the perfect accent on your back porch, or in a collage of wall art in your home. (Does not come with string shown in some photos). Chickadees are adorable and well-known birds named after their distinct “chick-a-dee” song. Although they typically reside among forest trees, you can bring the adorable songbird to your home with our beautiful Chickadees & Berries Wall Art! Dimensions: 11.5" wide x 10.2" tall

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