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Coffee Roasting Kit

Coffee Roasting Kit

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Experience the craft of coffee roasting with our Coffee Roasting Kit. Get three types of whole green coffee beans from three different regions, plus a step-by-step guidebook to help you bring out the richest flavors. Become a micro-roaster at home and brew your beans for a hyper-fresh, flavorful cup of coffee unlike anything store bought can deliver. This set includes three varieties of green beans, each enough to make 20 cups of steaming, freshly-roasted coffee. Enjoy the sights, smells and sounds from your own kitchen.

Easy to follow coffee roasting instructions

Unroasted green coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia (Sumatra)

Practice with 3 different roasts to dial in your perfect cup of coffee

Makes ~20 cups of home-roasted coffee

Fun introduction to the coffee making process

Kit includes three resealable bags of green coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia (Sumatra). A guidebook with roasting instructions, tips, and space for roasting notes.

Ingredients: Green unroasted coffee beans from Ethiopia (3.5oz), Colombia (3.5oz), and Indonesia (3.5oz)

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