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Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Deck

Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Deck

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Daily doses of inspiration and motivation to boost self-love and banish bad vibes.

Infuse every morning with empowerment with a daily mantra from bestselling author Shannon Kaiser. This deck of 56 cards will deliver just the message that you need to hear every time you use it, whether it be a reminder to stay open-minded about the future, to remain strong in times of trouble, or to accept yourself as you are. Need to shoo away insecurity to live life to its fullest potential? There’s a mantra in this deck for every situation.

Shannon Kaiser is founder of, where she inspires readers to embrace life with a sense of fun and self-acceptance.
Find Your Happy Daily Mantra Deck is written with that same enthusiastic spirit. Using these cards as part of a daily practice will bring the reader increased inner peace and encourage self-love and a sense of wonderment for what each day has to offer.
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