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Gin Maker Kit

Gin Maker Kit

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The world has known many spirits but none as wild and free as Gin. Its styles are timeless, its adaptability is unmatched, and its popularity grows by leaps and bounds. Each new color, flavor, and infusion unlocks a world of possibilities and you don't even need fancy tools to make your own. Just add vodka, or another neutral spirit, and let the botanicals work their magic!

Brew your first (or next) bottle of compound gin - a simple, at home infusion method that has sustained societies in need of libation for centuries.

This kit includes:

Easy to follow instructions

Floral Gin Botanicals

Glass Infusion Bottle (375ml)

Stainless Steel Funnel

Mesh strainer & Paper Filters

Ingredients: juniper berry, orange peel, licorice root, lemon peel, apple, Earl Grey (decaf black tea and bergamot oil), star anise, sour cherry, chamomile, pink rose, elderberry, ginger

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