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I Am Great Horned Owl Puzzle - 300pc

I Am Great Horned Owl Puzzle - 300pc

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Wisdom of the Ages! Unique-shaped 300-piece jigsaw puzzle for ages 10 and up.

Each puzzle comes with an educational Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet. On one side is a fold-out puzzle image to hang as a poster or use as a reference. The flipside is chock-full of cool information! Did you know, for instance, that an owl can't move its eyes up, down, or side to side, but when it swivels its head, it can see in all directions!

300 interlocking puzzle pieces

Pieces come packed in a biodegradable and compostable bag

Finished size: 29" x 12" (fits on most tabletops and tray tables)

Unique-shaped border

No square corners, no straight edges… just a little extra challenge and a lot more fun (a few hours, depending on your skill level)

Semi-gloss, photo-realistic bird image

Mounted on premium quality chipboard (dust-free!)

Random cut, interlocking puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy

Puzzle pieces come fully separated with cleanly cut edges that fit together snugly

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