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Joshua Tree Seed Grow Kit

Joshua Tree Seed Grow Kit

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The otherworldly Joshua Tree, Yucca brevifolia, is a critically threatened icon of the Mojave Desert ecosystem and arguably the most well-known, imposing, and spectacular of all Yuccas — a group that includes upwards of 40 different species of plants, all with thick, fleshy tissues adapted to store water. Jonsteen's 100% guaranteed grow kit provides everything needed to grow one of these iconic desert trees from seed.

Native to the arid southwestern United States, Joshua Trees are indelibly associated with the Mojave Desert, where they are considered a major indicator species for the desert’s health throughout its geographical reach across southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and down into northwestern Mexico. Joshua trees grow at desert floor elevations all the way up to over 7,000 feet. They can withstand temperature extremes from well below freezing to relentless desert heat in excess of 120°F.

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