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Mens Alpaca Socks - Outdoor

Mens Alpaca Socks - Outdoor

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Don’t let their softness fool you; these alpaca Outdoor Socks are as tough and durable as any hiking socks you’ve tried before. Whether you’re dealing with rain or sweat from the summer heat, we know you want your socks to wick away moisture reliably. These Outdoor Socks are designed with your comfort in mind. Terry lining of the interior of our Outdoor Sock ensures that each pair is perfectly breathable, cushioned, and will hold up to rigorous outdoor activity.

Machine wash cold, air dry. Moisture-wicking (warm in winter, cool in summer), hypoallergenic, windproof and water-resistant, these are a perfect mid-weight sock suitable for most any footwear.

Sizing: mens (one size) and ladies (one size)

Ladies size sold on a separate listing 

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