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Silk Road Bazaar

Mongolian Camel Wool Socks

Mongolian Camel Wool Socks

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These Camel Wool Socks are made from 100% Mongolian Camel Wool. Mongolian Camel Wool is soft, snug, & cozy.

Camel Wool is eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruelty-free. No dyes or chemicals are added in the manufacturing process.

Small: 4-6
Medium: 7-9
Large: 9-12
Ex Large: 12-14

Camel wool is the warmest wool in the world, is incredibly durable thanks to its elastic fibers, and is very soft (doesn’t itch). It has unique thermal properties, guarantees high protection against the cold, and provides airflow in high temperatures. It is also odor-non-absorbent.

Mongolians were one of the first nomads. They are the last nomads in this century. From time unknown, they lived respecting nature and their animals. With income from camel wool, they will keep their unique way of living.

Fabric: 100% Camel Wool

Care Instruction

-Hand wash the camel wool socks in cold or lukewarm water with soap or shampoo. Outer thin socks can be machine washed.

-Squeeze water, slightly stretch. Hang dry or lay flat. Occasional washing makes it fluffy again out of daily compacting.

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