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Mushroom Botanical Enamel Mug

Mushroom Botanical Enamel Mug

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This Mushroom Botanical Enamel Camping Mug is the perfect vessel for a big cup (16 oz) of hot cocoa or apple cider. Take a sip as you forage the forest or unwind around the campfire. Shows a wrapped image of a variety of edible mushrooms: Field, Chanterelle, Honey, Oyster, Morel, Saffron Milk Cap, Porcini, and Caesar. Features a speckled, enamel finish with a silver rim and c-shape design. White with speckles. 16oz

Note: Due to the rustic nature of our camping cups, you may see small imperfections such as extra speckles, dents, bubbles, and other markings.

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