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Petite Lavender Wrap

Petite Lavender Wrap

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Are you looking for comfort and relaxation? We've got the perfect product for you! Our Organic PETITE Back Neck & Shoulder Wrap is functional and beautiful too. We source organic ingredients to use on the inside and find beautiful cotton batiks to use on the outside. Our Petite Wrap makes a thoughtful gift that you can feel good about giving. They come in assorted colors and pattens. Fabric will be selected randomly. 

Dimensions: 22 x 6" middle portion; 24" x 6" for each tie, for a total of 70" + long. Description: Cotton batik wrap filled with organic flaxseed, lavender and lavender essential oil.

relieves muscle aches and pain

relieves stress and tension

relieves joint pain and stiffness

eases menstrual cramps

use hot or cold

wrap around lower back, shoulders, neck or wrap around knees, feet or elbows when sitting.

*Complete heating directions are enclosed in package.

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