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Puzzle 299 Cats & a Dog

Puzzle 299 Cats & a Dog

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299 Cats and a Dog 300 Piece Round Cluster Jigsaw Puzzle. The pieces are shaped like cats - well, except for the one dog, if you can find him.

Have you got what it takes to assemble all 299 cats into a perfect round puzzle? In this cunning cluster puzzle, there are no regular jigsaw shapes: each piece takes the outline of the cat itself. And there are 299 of them! Plus a dog. See if you can find it!

A unique, challenging puzzle purrfect for avid puzzlers, families, kids and pet lovers. It will provide hours of maddening fun! The charming illustrations were created by Léa Maupetit, a French illustrator living and working in Paris.


  • 300 Pieces
  • Round shape
  • Shaped pieces
  • Package: 10.5" x 10.5" x 2", 267 x 267 mm x 51 mm
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