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Quaking Aspen Grow Kit

Quaking Aspen Grow Kit

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Populus tremuloides, also known as “Golden Aspen,” “Quaking Poplar,” and “Small-toothed Aspen,” among other common names, makes its glowing presence known throughout all the great Mountain systems of the United States and Canada. The species’ immense range spreads all the way down into the mountain ranges of Mexico, as well.

Every account of early western exploration includes mention of the remarkable beauty of the Aspen groves encountered in the mountains. As one naturalist wrote: “Where the deer bound, where the trout rise, where your horse stops to slather a drink from icy water while the sun is warm on the back of your neck, where every breath you draw is exhilaration — that is where the Aspens grow.”

A gorgeous tree with unmistakable white bark and heart-shaped leaves in perpetual, shimmering movement, Aspens are a graceful addition to any yard or garden, providing beauty throughout every season.

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